Support for VW, Skoda, Cupra, Seat dealers - virtual presentations, new quality photos

Andrzej Wrona
1 minute

VirtualCar360 is the most frequently chosen solution within the VW, Skoda, Seat dealership network in Poland. Why? We are pioneers in smartphone photography technology, with 5 years of experience and the trust of nearly 1000 companies that have opted for our technology.

Our experience has allowed us to create a unique implementation process and comprehensive customer result care. We take over the full range of the implementation process. We train employees, engage them, which contributes to the development of their digital competencies. Our experts work with dealers and their teams, providing support online or directly in showrooms, training them and presenting best practices. After the implementation period, we monitor the effect, constantly caring for the result.

Through our work and refined system, we support the transformation of your showroom, and VirtualCar360 automates and facilitates the daily work of your employees. On our website, you will find more photos and materials from the training sessions conducted within the dealership network.

Andrzej Wrona

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