Fleet Europe Days 2023

Andrzej Wrona
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The Fleet Europe Summit is a leading international conference for all fleet and mobility leaders. This two-day meeting brought together leaders and decision-makers from across Europe, offering a unique opportunity to celebrate achievements, discover innovations, and engage business partners.

The main event of the program was the Fleet Europe Summit, which attracted over 1200 decision-makers from 35 countries, establishing itself as the most important international conference for industry leaders.

The Fleet Europe Days, which took place over the last few weeks, proved to be an unforgettable event for the automotive fleet and remarketing industry.

During these special days, the event's topics covered key areas of industry transformation, including new financial models, mobility as a service, connectivity, electrification, car remarketing, and modern technologies.

Among OEM manufacturers and leading players in the automotive market, our brands Exacto Group, CSP Automotive, and VC360 proudly presented themselves.

Exacto Group is a company with 14 years of experience that supports the transformation and development of the business of car manufacturers, distributors, their dealer networks, and companies involved in broadly understood mobility.

We specialize in creating and implementing advanced and comprehensive multi-channel solutions that support the automotive industry in building competitive advantages in a dynamically changing market environment.

In this way, Exacto builds a bridge between the online and offline world. We focus on ensuring that as a result of the implementation of offered solutions, we provide the best experiences for end customers - which are key to ensuring satisfaction and building loyalty.

Our activities include comprehensive support in the sales process of both new and used cars.

Exacto Group offers its solutions under two brands, CSP and VC360.

VC360 specializes in the digitalization and enhancing the effectiveness of vehicle sales processes. We build platforms and systems that we effectively introduce to entire dealer networks and many markets simultaneously. Learn more about our platform and systems by visiting our website:

CSP specializes in visual marketing in the automotive industry, dealing with the design and implementation of innovative signage systems for car showrooms, new and used vehicles, and modern digital solutions.

As experts in the field of visual marketing in the automotive industry, we offer comprehensive services that cover the entire process from concept to implementation. Our priority is maintaining the highest standards of partner service, which gives our clients confidence in the timely delivery of orders and a professional approach to their individual needs.

We actively engage in building full experiences for customers, advising on omnichannel communication strategies, and effectively supporting the sales and marketing departments of automotive brands in over 30 countries. Our products meet the highest quality standards, confirming our reputation as a reliable business partner.

At CSP, we believe that our business is not just about providing advertising materials but also about creating innovative signage systems. Thanks to them, the car showroom becomes not just a sales space but also a unique and attractive place for customers. Our approach is based on creating full, integrated solutions that increase brand value and enable success in the competitive automotive market.

For Exacto Group, participating in Fleet Europe Days is not just a huge achievement but also the fulfillment of dreams and confirmation that our efforts have a real impact on the industry's development. Through 13 years of building experience, learning, and hard work, we have strengthened our position and gained recognition, which constitutes an important step forward.

As a Platinum Partner of the event, Exacto Group and brands CSP Automotive and VC360 not only express the honor associated with this role but also our commitment to the development of remarketing not only in Europe but also beyond. Our presence as sponsors demonstrates full commitment to promoting industry progress.

Paweł Samczyk, COO of Exacto Group, serving as a jury member, shared his insights on current trends in vehicle remarketing. His tips provide valuable commentary for all interested in the automotive industry.

We encourage you to read the full article to learn more about current trends in vehicle remarketing and to take advantage of valuable tips that could be crucial for the development and optimization of processes in the marketing and trading of used cars.

Fleet Europe Days 2024 is not just an industry event but also a platform for sharing knowledge and experience, inspiring further actions in the dynamic world of automotive.

Andrzej Wrona

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