VC360 Photo Studio

Discover an automated system for vehicle photography and presentation in 360 technology. An innovative solution recognised by clients in dozens of locations in Europe.

The VC360 Photo Studio is a powerful tool with which you can make repeatable 360 presentations of cars, both from the outside and inside. The standardised process guarantees the creation of engaging, high-quality footage in a very short time - without the need for a professional photographer.

Why is it worth it?

photo sessions

The ease of use means that sessions can be carried out by absolutely anyone. The result is a uniform, high standard of presentation of the cars on sale. This is an ideal solution for companies with a high turnover of cars and the quality of their online presentation directly affects the speed of sales.

360 technology

Thanks to a rotating platform and professional photographic tools, it is possible to create 360 presentations. The photos of the outside and inside of the vehicles are presented using an engaging, interactive Player 360 tool that can be used directly on the sales page. 

A complete tool

Our system comprises applications, photographic equipment and a professional photo studio with a rotating platform - designed and optimised for companies selling new and used cars. The studio can be adapted to the dealer's needs and available space, even when it comes to deciding on details such as a personalised background. 

Explore our system

We offer a comprehensive solution combining hardware and software
VC360 Photo Studio consists of many components. Thanks to the modular structure of our system, you can choose the solutions you are interested in - thus buying a product tailored to your needs. 



Turntable 360
Control via smartphone app,
Automatic vehicle positioning - repeatable end result of the session and time saving,
High quality and aesthetics of workmanship, in line with brand standards,
Precision of platform operation thanks to a network of sensors cooperating with the system of the Mitshubishi - brand known for durability of automation.
Aluminum structure 400 cm high, equipped with walls and a shutter ,
Size variants: 7, 9 and 12 metres in length (studio depths),
Matte, light-impermeable interior creates the optimum photographic environment, separating vehicles from external conditions by eliminating reflections and reflections from the bodywork,
Possibility to exchange and personalize the Photobox wall finish,
The construction of the box is tailored to your needs - the studio can take a form that allows vehicles to pass through.
Lighting system
Optimal conditions for images of entire vehicles and their interiors
Modern lighting with LED technology
Diffusion of light sources ensures professional lighting
Equipment do fotografii i akcesoria
Samsung Note 9 or 10 smartphone
Smartphone with modern high quality camera 
The VC360 Photo App installed on a smartphone assists with the shoot and uploads the images to the VC360 Manager.
VC360 PhotoStudio application
for Android
managing the process of photographing a vehicle,
controlling the moving platform,
repeated photo shoots
photos of the car interior in 360 degree technology
managing the effects of photo shoots
creation of 360 players
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VC360 Offer Manager
+ Player 360
Management of photos and virtual garage
publication of 360° presentations
standardised creation of offers
automation of publication on portals
publication in e-commerce
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Choose the right size for your studio

Our studio is offered in 3 standard sizes, which we select due to the specificity of the room in which it will function. Modular construction allows for studio expansion in the future.
7m studio
The smallest studio version dedicated to clients with limited space. 
9m studio
The optimal size of the studio, where the distribution of lighting provides excellent conditions for work.
12m studio
In the studio with the largest area, we can accomodate not only the vehicle, but also photographic equipment - allowing you to be fully isolated from the outside conditions.
If none of the standard formats fit your requirements, we can design and build a custom studio.  

Visit our showroom in Warsaw and see for yourself all the advantages of the VC360 solutions

Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Let us tell you how the VC360 Photo Studio will improve the work of your sales team.

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