Discover the 21st century car inspection system - an application that scans the condition of vehicles and transfers detailed information to the digital world. Certification confirming the authenticity of information builds the credibility of dealers and helps customers make a purchase decision.

New standard for vehicle assessment

VC360 Inspection App & Digital Certification is the first comprehensive car inspection app on the market that issues a digital certificate of vehicle condition.


The certificates are not anonymous. A named specialist is responsible for each one. Detailed photo documentation based on a fixed scenario and an inspection checklist provides 100% assurance of an objective assessment of the condition of the car. 

Vehicle rating

The developed rating determines the condition of the vehicle. Carrying out a pre-inspection allows dealers to estimate the amount of work that needs to be carried out on the car before it is released for sale.


A used car inspection is a standardised process that can be tailored to your specific needs and brand standards. Our interactive inspection process eliminates the possibility of errors and omissions of information. 

A solution for our times

With the VC360 Inspection App & Digital Certification, forget about documenting inspections on paper or in an interactive PDF. The in-house developed digital vehicle inspection process takes place via smartphone and the data collected in the customer's system is a revolution for this type of service in the industry.

Generating valuable leads

Access to certificates, which are an integral part of sales offers on ad portals, requires contact details. The purpose of this is to generate additional sales threads for salespeople.

Do you want to certify your vehicles?

Make an appointment for a free 15-minute presentation of our solution and learn more about the benefits of implementing it.

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