Offer Manager

A revolutionary platform that will allow you to effectively manage the publication of your car sales advertisements.

Standardization of created offers

Create complete ads based on a set standard. Using our platform helps you avoid mistakes and omissions of information. No matter which employee is currently creating the offer, with our software all announcements will maintain a uniform standard.

One-click publication of offers on portals

Save time! Thanks to the automation we have developed, you are only one click away from exporting your offers to all leading advertising portals.  Changes made from within Offer Manager are implemented across all publication sites. 

E-commerce publishing

In addition to automating the publication of your ad in well-known media, we also took care of the ability to integrate ads created in VC360 Offer Manager with your e-commerce system.

Management of photos and virtual garage

VC360 Offer Manager is a well thought out tool for cataloguing and managing the effects of car photo shoots.

Preparation and presentation of offers in 360° technology

An element of our system is Player360, which enables interactive publication of 360 photos with the use of hotspots, i.e. the option of selecting important elements of the vehicle and placing their close-ups. This solution increases engagement among users, keeping their attention for longer.

Full integration with Euro Tax 

Thanks to the integration with the Euro Tax central database, we have simplified and standardised the process of creating an announcement. 

Individual implementations 

Our platform can be connected to other databases, and we realise individual implementations for sales networks.

How does it work?


Data input

Fill in your advert with the details of the vehicle you are selling. The integration with Euro Tax will help you do this. 

Selection of photos

Choose professionally prepared photographic content and 360 presentations. 

Export of the offer

Publish your ad on the portals of your choice and your own e-commerce system.

Manage your advertisements

Make changes and keep your offer up-to-date from one place, without having to log into your supported ad portals. 

VC360 Offer Manager
+ Player 360

Player360 is a part of the system used for interactive car presentation created on the basis of photos taken inside and outside the vehicle. It provides users with fast and fluent viewing of the car presentation made in 360 degrees technology on any device, regardless of the display size - without having to leave the ad page. 
An additional advantage of our solution is the ability to add so-called hotspots, i.e. the option of marking important elements of the vehicle inside and outside and placing their detailed photographs.
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3


VC360 solutions are based on Microsoft Azure technology - one of the most modern solutions in the world. It guarantees security, stability and ease of integration with other systems used by our clients. 

And how do you manage your ads?

Make an appointment for a 15 min free consultation and find out how we have helped businesses like yours.

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