Digitalization of the process for creating virtual presentations of used cars for Porsche Inter Auto

Andrzej Wrona
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"Working with the Exacto team, whom we entrusted with the responsibility for
digitalizing the process of creating virtual presentations of used cars, we experienced
comprehensive project management. Thanks to the team's commitment and flexibility,
we were able to successfully adapt presentation standards to the specifics of each
dealership. As a result, we implemented a solution that provides us with an effective tool
supporting the car sales process in online channels. Maximizing the quality of the virtual
presentation aims to enhance our customers' experiences. We want their virtual
experiences to be as good as possible, which in turn translates into our business
outcomes. I also cannot overlook the fact that the satisfaction of our team, responsible
for preparing online offers, has improved. Shortening and simplifying the process has
had a positive impact on their satisfaction." - Marcin Szturma, National Coordinator of
Used Cars.

Porsche Inter Auto is the largest car dealership in Europe. The dealership network
includes renowned brands such as Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Porsche,
Lamborghini, attracting drivers for whom high quality and safety are paramount.
Showrooms in the Polish branch of the company are located in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan,
Katowice, Rybnik, Sosnowiec, and Tychy.

Porsche Inter Auto took on the challenge of maximizing effects and implementing
standards for presenting used cars in its showrooms, while taking into account the
limited time available and the commitment from the management and employees of
Porsche Inter Auto.

Lack of uniform presentation in showrooms, a large number of locations, and time
constraints on the part of Porsche Inter Auto in managing the implementation process
and ensuring compliance with new quality presentation standards set by Volkswagen
Group Poland related to the implementation of brands: Volkswagen Certified Used,
SKODA Plus Certified Used, Audi Select :plus, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Certified

The solution was to entrust the process of implementation and supervision over the
effects of new dealer programs for used cars. Porsche Inter Auto decided on a
comprehensive digitalization of the process of preparing virtual presentations of used
cars, in accordance with guidelines set by VGP. This new approach based on
comprehensive digitalization enabled the adaptation of presentation standards to the
specifics of each showroom, which translated into a more effective tool supporting the
sales process of cars in online channels. The improvement in the quality of virtual
presentations resulted in even better customer experiences, which in turn contributed to
increased business efficiency.

- Taking responsibility for the project implementation in 8 locations.
- Adapting the process to the specifics of each showroom.
- Training staff in new standards.
- Changing the brand and adapting virtual presentations to the latest trends.

What results did we achieve?
- Normalized and consistent presentations of used cars in all showrooms.
- Significant reduction in the time required to prepare presentations.
- Increased customer satisfaction.

Andrzej Wrona

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