A couple of minutes work rather than half an hour. How can VC360 Photo App help save time and increase sellers’ productivity?

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The average time it takes to complete the car photoshoot with the use of VC360 Photo App is approximately seven minutes. In the case of the traditional photoshoot, the time an employee needs to do this is half an hour. It doesn’t seem much, does it? Yes, when we think about an individual photoshoot. But what if we multiply this by all cars in the dealership network’s offer over a year?

Let’s look at this with a particular example. Let’s assume that the network offers 240 cars. With the traditional method, the photoshoots alone would take your employees 120 hours – that is full 15 workdays.

On the other hand, if you use VC360 Photo App, it would take only 28 hours – 3,5 days. The team thus gets loads of additional time for other things – first and foremost active selling. As a result, the number of transactions grows, and the dealership increases the turnover.

Traditional photoshoot – where do difficulties come from?

Other aspects that need to be taken into consideration are the quality and the repeatability of pictures taken.

Taking them with the traditional method requires knowledge and skill in photography and graphic processing, which can cause some problems. Even if we assume our employee has been trained, pictures taken by another, less experienced person, may not meet the standards. There can also be differences between dealerships of the same network.

The same applies to frames, backgrounds or car positioning.

In the regular photo session, the vehicles are usually photographed from different angles. Additionally, they are featured in different sizes in the photos, which makes some of them hardly visible on the offer lists. The car can also be photographed against different backgrounds, which diverts attention from the car itself. The lack of clear standards or detailed guidelines also means that postings can differ in the number of pictures.

The result?

Non-uniform car presentation makes the client view our offer negatively, especially if the client is a regular in the world of the digital and is used to high-quality pictures, detailed close-ups and certain predictability of the product presentation. If they don’t get it, they will likely turn to another seller, who will provide them with a better purchase experience. Even at the cost of a higher price. 

A uniform offer means a better customer experience

How can the use of VC360 Photo App solve the problems listed above?

As we already said before, VC360 Photo App makes the job easier by providing an action plan that’s clear and easy to implement. The photoshoot becomes a repeatable effect process, which removes a serious weight from the shoulders of your employees. Also, the car gets included in the online offer more quickly, so it can be bought by the end client sooner.

High-quality pictures of a car positioned in the same, repeatable way, build the image of the modern brand that puts effort into the presentation of its products. Additionally, the hotspot option helps focus the client’s attention on interesting details or show defects, which helps the seller’s credibility. The app also features a 360 degrees car presentation, which makes the offer more attractive.

If we add to this the uniform background matching the brand or used vehicle programme, with just a little work we get pictures that would otherwise require a professional studio to be taken. Some dealers try to arrange such a place at their location. They invest in expensive photo equipment, accessories and special blends. However, it not only is expensive but also limits the exhibition area. Moreover, it is a practical solution for a rather small scale with a limited number of cars on offer. When the scale gets larger and we have a dealership network, VC360 Photo App becomes a more efficient, economical and convenient solution.

On the path to profit maximisation

In summary, a well-crafted, detailed offer increases the attractiveness of the car in the eyes of the customer and maximises its price. The customer is willing to pay more for a product that is presented to him in an interesting and appealing way. So when we try to attract the user's attention, we should focus primarily on the visual aspect of the presentation.

Additionally, the contemporary consumer, when buying a used car, wants a similar purchase experience to the one offered to new car buyers. The use of new technology facilitates such an approach, and the employees’ time saved is an additional perk which helps maximise profits.

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