A video knowledge base is now available for the VC360 Photo App!

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We would like to introduce the VC360 Photo App video knowledge base, which is a video series explaining how to use the application to take even better photos and seize its full potential. It is an answer to the most frequently asked questions, with practical tips for users. Our experiences with providing training to dealers have allowed us to highlight important functionalities to remember during every session.

The VC360 Photo App multimedia knowledge base will be systematically updated and it’s available at our Support Centre. Our videos will teach you, for example, how to hold your smartphone, how to frame your photos, what aspects you should take into consideration when choosing a place for the session, is using zoom worth it and how to adjust the individual parameters.

Smartphone position and height 

Taking photos “from the top” or “from the bottom” distorts the image of a car and makes it look unnatural. That is why we recommend holding the smartphone directly in front of a car, in the way suggested by the application.

Selecting the session site

Taking pictures in a showroom environment may require professional lighting. An optimal solution is to have the photo shoot outside, using natural light. What else is worth taking into consideration? Mainly, the ground on which the vehicle is parked, appropriate space around it and ensuring that there are no additional elements in the background.


If we have to choose whether to use zoom or get closer to the photographed car with the smartphone, we always choose the latter. This allows to maintain high quality photos.

Adjusting app parameters

Setting the parameters, such as brightness or white balance, allows to obtain better photo effects. Spend some time adjusting these each time to match the weather conditions, as well as the type and colour of the car.

Autofocus function

It is particularly important when taking pictures of the interior and details. Just tap the element on the screen you want to get the focus on and the application will do automatically do it.

Using a holder with a filter

A holder allows to hold the smartphone stably and freely operate the application, while a polarising filter removes the reflexes and reflections from the window panes and car body. This makes the pictures look more professional.

Positioning the car for shooting

When working in the sun, you should try to avoid the light shining directly into the camera lens, so what works best is to set the car in such a way so that the sun is behind your back.

Hold your smartphone straight

Holding your smartphone askew is a common mistake, which negatively impacts the quality of the photographs. How to eliminate it? Simply remember to hold the phone parallel to the floor. This makes the car position straight and natural.

Appropriate framing using ghosts

The ghosts option is simple to use and yields great effects. Just match the contour of the car and capture the edge lines and the frame size. It also comes helpful when taking pictures of the interior and details.

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