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Imagine a car dealership buying a car from a customer, where the mechanic or a professional employee performs a comprehensive inspection of the used car. This is done with an app that guides them step by step through the subsequent checklist items.

Upon inspection, a damage report is drafted, which can be the basis for repair valuation. The assessment is carried out by an internal department or a third party with access to our account. Next, the car is repaired and renewed, and a detailed digital report is generated, concerning the condition of the car that is ready to be sold. No papers, scans, PDF files or third parties. Fully automated and digitised process.

A trade-in inspection allows an employee to estimate the repair and labour costs necessary to fix the car. This in turn allows extending an offer to the seller that is advantageous for both parties. The app will guide the employee throughout the process, reducing the risk of skipping an item or making a mistake. For a dealer, this is cost- and time-effective, as the tool minimises the risk of trading a car with a hidden fault.

The car, ready to be sold, receives a quality certificate together with an assessment of its condition on a five-star scale. The buyer learns everything about the car, including photos and data from the comprehensive inspection list drafted for a particular make or a used car programme.

Sounds like something from the future, requiring costly solutions and complex implementations?

Let me introduce you VC360 Inspection App & Digital Certification. A tool supporting online sales, request creation, improving dealers’ work and convincing the customers they are dealing with a trustworthy and transparent seller.

Let’s have a closer look.

An impartial report based on artificial intelligence.

VC360 Inspection App & Digital Certification is our latest solution to help digitise the used car sales process. It is designed to inspect vehicles in a comprehensive, fully digital manner. How does it work?

At the first step, the car is pre-inspected by the employee. The car’s history is reviewed, along with the body and interior condition. Then, the car undergoes a mechanical inspection, including inspection of its subassemblies on a lifting platform.

After completing the inspection checklist, a damage report is collated, based on which the dealer’s manager decides which damages qualify for repair valuation. Such valuation can either be prepared by an internal service or outsourced. Once the repairs are done, the manager ticks off the damages in the report; they can also add photos or confirm the elements that were repaired. Finally, a certificate in three versions is generated: A PDF, a webpage widget with a brief assessment summary and an interactive webpage.

The entire process is impartial, based on an independent analysis using the app’s algorithms. It can also be adapted to any inspection process. The certificate additionally contains an individual recommendation, similar to a reliable product review when shopping online.

The five-star recommendation system refers to critical parts of the car: bodywork, additional equipment, wheels, mechanics and interior. This way, even a superficial analysis is enough for the customer to evaluate the car and decide whether they are interested and want to see it in person.

How does a certificate promote the sale of used cars?

At the implementation stage, the certificate is customised with the colours and branding of a particular sales platform, complementing the offer and providing an engaging element for the car’s presentation. Using only a digital widget, sellers may also win valuable leads. In such a case, a full report can be downloaded upon providing an e-mail address or submitting a request.

What are the benefits of using digital certificates?

  • Increase brand and dealer trustworthiness – an impartial report helps build customers’ trust, as they know all the advantages and disadvantages of the car.
  • Generate additional traffic on your website – users submit their data that can be used by the marketing department or sellers to sustain contact with and interest in the brand.
  • Improve the offer of your sales platform – the car is presented with a full, thorough description, providing a better experience for the service user.
  • Sell cars faster and at a higher price – with increased vehicle reliability.
  • Save time – both the customer’s and the seller’s.
  • Provide peace of mind for the seller – in case the customer return with an issue.

Simple implementation

VC360 Inspection App & Digital Certification is an off-the-shelf solution tailored to the needs of each partner. The implementation process is based on a business needs analysis and the certificate uses the brand's colours and logo to ensure consistency.

Importantly, the app may support the operation of a used cars’ programme and the creation of new standards for preparing cars for sale. Additionally, the dealer acquires a detailed database with information about all the vehicles purchased. The tool is a great addition to online sales and is easy to implement. It may operate either as a standalone process or in combination with other existing company systems. The tool neatly integrates with DMS or VC360 PhotoApp systems. It uses speech recognition (eliminating the need to type on the keyboard), artificial intelligence and is able to read AZTEC codes from any car registration book.

The app itself is simple and intuitive to use. Any employee will be able to work with this tool easily after a short training. VC360 Inspection App & Digital Certification will also build your competitive advantage without costly investments in individual solutions. Once customised, the product is ready to use in no time.

Would you like to know more? Feel free to contact us! We will be more than happy to discuss the details of how VC360 Inspection App & Digital Certification operates and to present how the app could improve your dealership’s operations.

Book an appointment with one of our experts.

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