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VC360 Photo Studio - application driven solution

VC360 Photo Studio is an advanced and fully automated machine, controlled by a dedicated Application on smartphones.

Thanks to complete control by the Smartphone app, taking vehicle sessions in full 360-degree view is easy, smart and fast: the whole process takes 10 minutes and the effects are repeatable during each subsequent session. You do not need qualified photographers to operate- the whole photo session process is managed by an application that guides the user step by step.

Foto aplikacja Virtual Car 360
Foto app by Virtual Car 360

Reliable and durable platform for automotive photography

In order to start the session, you just need to set up the selected car on the platform and then turn it on using the application on your smartphone. The entire process of rotation of the platform is synchronized with the smartphone app. The platform automatically places the car in the right position, which allows you to achieve the same end result every time.

The platform is made of powder-coated steel. The platform elements are laser-cut with the greatest precision and care, which allows for minimal connections between the individual platform elements. This allows you to achieve excellent visual effects, visible in the photos.

The network of sensors located in the platform connected with the Mitschubishi automatic system allows you to set the platform with the accuracy of rotation of 1 degree. Thanks to this, the photos of cars are always taken with the same precision and the same standard. The advanced automation and software system also allows you to position the platform with the car each time in the same entry and exit position, which in turn saves a lot of time.

VC360 Photo Studio
VC360 Photo Studio

Built-in LED lighting

Each studio contains a special photo box with professional material and a dedicated LED lighting system- the photographed vehicles look attractive and professionally (every time in the same conditions and high quality).

Zautomatyzowany system fotografii i prezentacji pojazdów
VC360 Photo Studio

Car Photobox - professional photos of vehicles

Aluminium structure
The Photo Box is made of a durable 400 cm high aluminium structure with walls and a screen. It is available in 7-, 9- or 12-meter variants. The interior finish is a special matte light-proof material.
Isolation from external conditions. Separation of the car from any surrounding objects and conditions eliminates unfavourable reflections visible on the car body.

Easy personalization and material replacement
The Photobox, both inside and outside, is finished with a special material with the possibility of graphic personalization. Replacing the material, when it is dirty, or the print needs to be changed, is very easy.

VC360 Photo Studio
VC360 Photo Studio

It is also possible to design and build non-standard dimensions of Photo Studio depending on the specifics of space.

Currently, Virtual Car 360 solutions operate in several countries in Europe and all the time we are working on new implementations.

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