Trust, commitment, excellence.

Andrzej Wrona
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For Grupa Cichy-Zasada, ensuring the best customer experience and complete satisfaction is a priority. 

In July this year, new goals were set for us as part of our partnership. Our client expects the best results when it comes to virtual presentation. 

After defining and confirming our goal, it was time to work together to take on the challenge.

What we did:

- conducted a complete update of the VirtualCar360 system

- organised a series of on-site training courses

- improved how photos are displayed online

We consider trust to be an essential part of every partnership. By working together, we have been able to build a strong relationship based on mutual understanding and willingness to improve. 

We are grateful to our client for their trust and determination in striving for excellence!

This is not the end of our partnership, however, as our client and their locations will be continually supported to ensure the best possible quality.

After all, the moment a staff member photographs a vehicle may determine whether it sells quickly or not.

Andrzej Wrona, CEO, Exacto Group

Andrzej Wrona

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