The new version of the VC360 Photo App is now available on iOS and Android.

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The future of the used car market begins here and now. Recently, we have published a new version of the VC360 Photo App, which we are constantly developing. We want to help you improve your work efficiency and increase your sales thanks to better presentation of vehicles on the Internet. This is the first step towards digitizing car sales processes, which are so important nowadays.

What is the VC360 Photo App?

It is a modern application that helps to streamline the process of creating and publishing photos of cars. It consists of a mobile application for a smartphone and an online platform to support photo sessions, embedded in a safe and stable Microsoft Azure cloud.

Why it is worth using the VC360 Photo App?

Our photo application gives users many practical functions that improve the quality of car presentations - a ready process of taking photos, background replacement service and VC360 Player. Dealers using the app have got used to the new standard of car presentation and cannot imagine coming back to old and ineffective practices. The VC360 Photo App is not only a photo-taking tool, it is the entire process that guides the users step by step through the car sessions, suggesting how to take the best shots.

Thanks to the background replacement service, you can photograph anywhere and in any environment, and our advanced system will automatically replace the background visible in the photo behind the car. You can use several ready-made background options or order a personalized version of it. By replacing the background, all your photos will be professional, consistent and aesthetic.

VC360 Player 360 is a tool that allows your customers to view the car from a 360-degree perspective, both inside and outside. Thanks to it, you intuitively create engaging, interactive materials that you can place on your website or advertising portal.

Below, we present the effect before and after replacing the background with a dedicated graphic with the dealer brand, using VC360 Player.

What's new in the app?

We used the feedback from our users to optimize the VC360 Photo App. The new, more intuitive interface, as well as the lack of the need to configure many settings from the beginning of working with the application, allow you to go straight to the action.

The implementation of new image functions, improved image quality and application speed guarantee greater comfort of work. Photography parameters such as auto-focus, brightness and white balance automatically adjust to the surroundings and the photographed object. Of course, the user can also manually adjust these parameters to the current conditions and preferences.

We have created versions for Android and iOS that are currently available in 7 languages - English, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Slovenian and Italian.

We are constantly working on the development of this tool, so check in the GooglePlay or App Store if you have the latest version of the application to take full advantage of its capabilities.

When will the new version of the VC360 Photo App be available?

The new version of the VC360 Photo App is already used by many customers in Poland and abroad. We are successively transferring users to the latest version. We invite you to download and install the updated version of the application from Google Play or App Store and log in using your existing passwords.

If you are interested in trying the app, download it and contact us to get access to a free demo. The use of the application is intuitive, you will receive instructional videos to efficiently use all the functions of the VC360 Photo App.

What do customers say about the effects of working with our application?

Users appreciate the time saving and professional effects of a session in less than 10 minutes in our application. The user is guided through the shooting process step by step, shot by shot. You don't need any additional equipment or specialized skills to take photos - all you need is a smartphone.

Our users praise the ease of use and the ability to return to any shot and improve the photo at every stage of the process. Reducing the time needed to prepare a car offer allows sellers to focus on what they do best - acquiring new customers.

Dawid Sarowski,
Manager Exacto Group - Technology Solutions

Our solutions are used by prestigious brands:

The Virtual Car 360 solution came to our company at the perfect time - a time when we were looking for ways to make our offer more attractive online. This solution allowed us not only to optimise the process of preparing materials for online use, but above all it fitted perfectly with the European standards of our Used Car Programme.

We managed to obtain a valuable tool for a modern, interactive and complete presentation of vehicles in a situation where the presentation of offers on the internet became the only possible way to reach the customer. The VC360 solution allowed us to optimize and standardize the sales process and the presentation of our offers.

Maciej Żukowski, 
Fleet Department, Remarketing, KIA Poland

Your feedback is important to us, check and evaluate our photo application so that we can continue to develop our product. Visit App Store or Google Play.

Dawid Sarowski
Manager Exacto Group - Technology Solutions

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