VC360 Photo App

We present an application that controls the process of taking photos of vehicles. It is a tool that reduces the time taken to perform sessions while improving their quality and consistency. By guiding users step by step it eliminates the need to train staff to use it.

Why is it worth it?

The implementation of the VC360 Photo App is supported by statistics.
Depending on the size of the business you run, the benefits scale proportionally.
Your car showroom without applications
Two dealers
Your car showroom with the VC360 Photo App
Two dealers
Two dealers
Preparation of photos of one car:
Up to 40 minutes
Up to 5 minutes
Monthly sales:
30 cars
35 cars
Annual sales:
360 cars
420 cars
Working time savings per year:
245 man-hours
Working time savings per year: 245 man-hours

What is the scale of your business?

1 showroom
+ 60 cars per year
10 showrooms
+ 600 cars per year
100 showrooms
+ 6 000 cars per year
1 000 showrooms
+ 60 000 cars per year

Explore the application and its possibilities

VC360 Photo App

Repetitive photo sessions
Virtual garage
Online training

Additional options

Background change service
Dedicated graphics for the background change service
Standardised selection of photographic equipment
Expansion of the application to include a 360 view of the interior
Possibility to extend the application with the VC360 Offer Manager

How does it work?

How does it work?

Use the app through standard settings or customise them to your needs.
Each employee may perform a session as directed by the application.
The effects of photo shoots are automatically corrected and catalogued according to an established key.

VC360 Photo App
+ Background replacement service

With our Background Replacement Service, you can shoot in any location and environment, and our advanced system will change the background visible in the photo. You can choose from several pre-set backgrounds or order a personalised version. By replacing the background, all your published photos will be consistent and aesthetically pleasing. 
Example 1
Example 2
Our customers choose whether they want to remove only the background of the photographed vehicle or also the ground on which it stands. The process itself can be carried out in two variants - Fast Track or High Quality. 

Fast Track

The advantage of this solution is its speed. It allows you to change the virtual background in just 2 hours! By using artificial intelligence the system automatically implements the selected graphics. 

High Quality

This is a service that guarantees the highest quality of photographs.
In the High Quality option, in addition to the algorithms, our graphics team is also responsible for changing the background, correcting reflections in the car body and windows.

VC360 Photo App
+ Player 360

Player 360 is a tool that you can use to display 360 presentations on your website. Grab the attention of buyers with a modern tool. Virtual presentation inside and outside  the vehicle is an engaging, interactive formula that enriches the buyer's experience and increases the appeal of the offer.

Hotspots - the detail matters

Captivate the buyer by pointing out the unique features of the vehicle or showing the actual condition of the used car via hotspots. How do you do this? It's simple: take a photo session with the VC360 PhotoApp and then mark the desired points on the vehicle. Help the customer make a buying decision and build your credibility by presenting the vehicle transparently.
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Our customers' opinions

Let us tell you how the VC360 Photo App will improve the work of your sales team.

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