Photo Studio 360 and Photo 360 packages include photographic equipment and accessories.



Photo 360

Photo Studio 360

Smartphone Samsung Note 9

High-performance smartphone, with a modern camera to ensure high quality images.

With the Virtual Car 360 APP installed on the smartphone, you can make a complete session step-by-step and send your photos automatically to Virtual Car 360 Manager.

Camera 360 Theta V

Thanks to the camera you can take spherical photos of the interior.

Camera 360 tripod

The tripod allows you to conveniently install the 360 camera inside the car as well as to level the camera in order to take an optimal photo.

The tripod has been specially designed for VC360, by our staff, to make the process of taking 360-degree photos of the interior as effective and efficient as possible.

Smartphone holder

Smartphone holder that allows you to position the device in a proper and stable position, attach it to a tripod or install a filter.

The polarization filter installed in front of the smartphone holder ensures that unwanted reflections on the car body and windows are reduced.


Reliable case for the storage or safe transport of all equipment.