Virtual Car 360 software consists of several modern elements. These are both a dedicated Smartphone application and advanced desktop tools for management of photos taken, interactive presentations and advertisements.

Application 360





It is a modern and intuitive application created both for photos taken in Photo Studio 360 and others.

The application allows you to take photos of the car from the outside, of its interior as well as of details in any chosen place.

The application automatically guides the user through the whole process of making documentation in the form of photos, forcing the user to take photos according to the standards agreed on and accepted earlier by the Customer.



Why is it worth it?

Thanks to its easy and friendly operation, it is a tool that can be used by anyone.
It is because the whole process is fully automated and does not require any specialist knowledge from the user at any stage.
The application guides you step-by-step through the whole process of creating documentation and exporting it to Manager 360.
The speed of the process makes it very efficient, which means that more cars are photographed in a much shorter time.


Extensive software, with the help of which you can not only freely manage photos but also online offers.

The whole spectrum of possibilities, which means:

  • automatic import of photos from a mobile application
  • creation of interactive presentations of a car in 360-degree technology
  • full integration with Eurotax Glass – a central database with detailed information on the versions of equipment and the type of engine which are or were available for this model
  • creation of very detailed and reliable offers in a very short time
  • the possibility of posting, in addition to the photos of cars, additional photos from the computer, e.g. documents or keys of a given car
  • exporting a ready-made offer into internal websites or popular advertising portals



A part of the system used for interactive presentation of the car created on the basis of photos taken.
Ensures fast and smooth viewing of a 360-degree car presentation on any device, regardless of the screen size.
Thanks to automatic scaling, Virtual Car 360 Player is a universal solution, available on any mobile device. All this takes place in one window on the Customer's website.

Virtual Car 360 Player is used for PHOTO 360 as well as PHOTO STUDIO 360 and SALON 360.



Innovative engine dedicated to the online showroom fully utilizing 360-degree technology. It provides our customers with the opportunity to build from scratch a professional, dedicated sales platform for their brand online. A modern implementation model allows both the use of a ready-made solution VC360, as well as implementation of the solution to the already existing, own websites.


Advantages of SALON 360


  • Full integration with other VIRTUAL CAR 360 products
  • Responsiveness that allows for opening the page of the showroom on any mobile device regardless of the screen size
  • Possibility to configure the search engine available on the showroom's website in both Polish and English
  • Possibility to create 6 different text and graphics templates taking into account the customer's guidelines
  • Contact forms for quick contact with the dealer
  • Possibility of distinguishing selected offers (e.g. offer of the week, offer of the month)
  • Detailed offers with a 360-degree presentation of the car
  • Possibility of comparing several cars available in the showroom
  • Plug-ins for social channels
  • Distinguishing features: Warranty, VAT invoice
  • Possibility of notifying the seller directly about the intention of booking

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