99rent - launched salon 360


99rent, one of the biggest players on the car rental market, has just launched Salon 360.

rent99-big Time is money. In theory, everyone knows this. In practice, however, not everyone is able to convert time into coins. By offering Virtual Car 360, we show we know how to do it. Our solutions have now been chosen by the company, 99 Rent. One of the biggest players on the car rental market has just launched Salon 360. It showcases the latest technology, which allows a car to be viewed through 360 degrees, including a detailed description of the technical condition, version and equipment. Achieving such an effect would not be possible without the use of our Photo Studio 360. The studio allows not only the taking of photos through 360 degrees but also to send them automatically to the manager. Next, the manager creates a 360-degree view, and builds a complete offer by downloading data on the equipment from the Eurotax database in order to then export it all to the website and any external platforms used to sell cars. Contrary to appearances, such a procedure is not difficult, time-consuming or complicated. The whole process is fully automated. Thanks to this, the system can be handled by any employee; what is more, it does it much faster than by traditional methods. Virtual Car 360 shortens the preparation of a full sales offer from 75 minutes to just 25 minutes. The effect? Many more reliable offers made in less time. And so time can be converted into money.



Session 360 of the Renault ZOE for Traficar.

The right way to make better decisions is to make them more often. And Traficar is the best example of that golden rule. Its offer has been recently topped up by Renault ZOE, an 100% electric car.

This eco-friendly hero can be met and befriended before a potential user comes into a live contact with it. All of this will be possible thanks to our presentation in 360° technology. Now your chosen car can be seen and admired on the outside as well as on the inside. Because authenticity is the key to success. Katowice


Virtual Car 360 dans le prochain emplacement - à Katowice!

La mise en œuvre inclus: Photo Studio 360 w nowej wersji, VC360 App, VC360 Manager + Player.

Grâce à cette mise en œuvre, bientôt plus de 500 voitures d'occasion de l'offre de Masterlease pourront être regardées en ligne à 360° degrés transparent à 100%.


22.02.2018 a choisi Virtual Car 360 pour un nouveau showroom automobile à Gdansk.

La mise en œuvre comprend: Photo Studio 360, VC360 App, VC360 Manager, VC360 Player.



99rent a choisi Virtual Car 360 pour la nouvelle salle d’exposition de voitures.

La mise en œuvre comprend: Photo Studio 360, VC360 App, VC360 Manager, VC360 Player, VC360 Salon.