Photo Studio 360

PHOTO STUDIO 360 is advanced and fully automated machine, controlled by a dedicated Application on Smartphone.

Thanks to complete control by the Smartphone APP, taking a sessions in full 360-degree view is easy, smart and fast: whole proces takes takes 10 minutes and the effects are repeatable during each subsequent session. You do not need qualified photographers to operation- the whole photo session process is managed by an application that guides the user step by step.

The turntable and platform is made of steel and cut out with the greatest possible precision and care by the laser.

Each studio contain a special photo box wit professional material and dedicated LED lighting system- the photographed vehicles look attractive and professionally (every time in the same conditions and high quality).

Also every single shot of the car are always the same, with 1-degree accuracy.

It is also possible to design and build non-standard dimensions of Photo Studio depending on the specifics of space.

In addition, some elements of Photo Studio can be also personalized especially for Customer as background, floor, etc.

Currently Virtual Car 360 solutions operate in several countries in Europe and all the time we are working on new implementations.

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Backoffice Manager

In response to the permanent growth of automotive sector requirements, we have developed a series of innovative solutions to sales support of vehicles online.

One of them is a mobile application that allows you to take perfect pictures of cars in much less time. In addition to the efficiency of the process of photographing cars, we have created a dedicated Backoffice Manager system for clever photos and offers management online.

The completed photo session immediately goes to the cloud -> time of using photos and placing ads has been reduced to a minimum -> significantly improve the work of sales departments.

Besides managing photos and creating vehicle presentations, we can also efficiently catalog and administer individual advertisements in the PRO version. Our systems and solutions are based on modern cloud solutions Microsoft Azure so they are very safe, unfail and easy to integrate with any websites and exterior systems by the API.

Connecting mobile App with the platform to photos and presentation management allowed to create one of the most modern solutions of this type in the world.

Thanks to the Virtual Car 360 platform your car appears in attractive form on the Internet in just a few minutes.

Basic errors in vehicle photography for online offers

Many companies selling vehicles over the Internet are looking for ways to improve their sales results. However, the number of online offers does not always go hand in hand with success. A car on offer, despit attractive price, does not always attract buyer attention. What is the reason?

The key to success is an effective online presentation. The Internet currently plays a huge role in the market for the sale of both new and used cars, with more and more transactions being concluded online. Despite the fact that the standard of service is still rising, many of the advertisements are still created in an unprofessional way.

The basic problem is poorly taken photographs. Starting with incorrect framing, incorrect orientation of the photographs or the overexposed. Another aspect is the lack of sharpness and the photos that have been "moved". A frequently occurring problem in the form of an unattractive background, which has an equally important function in relation to the attractiveness of a given advertisement. Similarly, the inclusion in photographs of unnecessary elements which distract attention from the vehicle being the subject of the session.

Offers created on the basis of this type of documentation do not allow to attract the attention of customers and do not build a professional image of the seller. Photographs which are to serve as a sales support tool are the showcase of a showroom and testify to its professionalism.

Another equally important aspect is the number of photos published in online offers. Some of the showrooms are limited to taking a few illustrative photographs, but it should not be forgotten that it is on the basis of the photographs that the customer makes a decision about the purchase. The online offer should present the vehicle in detail, both the general view and interior, including details and above all possible damage. Apart from an attractive form of presentation, it should also be made credible by means of reliable photographs, which reflect the actual condition of the vehicle.

Making many sessions with a large number of photos is also associated with the need for efficient management, which is sometimes troublesome for some dealers as a result of time-consuming processes and the lack of possibility of ongoing verification of activities performed by sales department employees.

Another important role is played by the consistency of advertisements, created on the basis of assumed standards. In the case of larger companies, which have many locations, the integrity of ads and the repeatability of photo shoots is a key aspect in terms of consistent building of the image of a professional seller, and as a result, increasing the effectiveness of online offers.

It turns out that it is possible to sell more, faster and easier, and above all without incurring significant costs. How to do that? It is very simple.

On the basis of our many years of experience in the automotive and our answers to the constantly growing demand of automotive, we have created a set of modern tools that allow us to create attractive and effective online presentations.

Nowadays, the vast majority of people who think about purchasing a car first of all start looking for the vehicle they are interested in by checking the offers available on the Internet. Due to the constantly growing number of advertisements on the Internet, more and more car dealerships are looking for a way to distinguish their offers. Obtaining the customer's attention is currently a difficult and complex issue, so it is necessary to ensure a professional form of presentation.

To meet this challenge, Virtual Car 360 has designed a solution that allows you to take good photos that will allow you to attract customer attention.

This innovative tool allows to take professional photo sessions for e-commerce purposes in a faster, simpler and more effective way. Thanks to the mobile application, taking pictures takes only a few minutes and the effect is perfect. High quality photographs allow to stand out among other advertisements, and the repeatability of the frames makes all the realized sessions are consistent and are taken according to the adopted standard.

Another advantage of the tool created by Virtual Car 360 is the lack of need to use advanced photographic equipment. Thanks to the application, all photos are taken with a smartphone, which makes this tool available to employees of all levels - the system is simple and intuitive to use and the whole session takes only a few minutes. It is also connected with significant reduction of costs connected with the lack of necessity to purchase professional photographic equipment.

The innovative formula of the application is also a great facilitation, thanks to which the photos taken immediately go to the cloud. The modern solution allows to avoid a tedious and lengthy process of ripping and selecting appropriate photographs taken with the classic method. In the case of Virtual Car 360 solution, it takes only a few minutes from the start of the session to the appearance of a ready online offer, which in effect allows for a significant improvement in the work of the sales department.

We encourage you to observe our profile on LinkedIn. In 2021, we will start a series of free online trainings, where we will show you how to take the best photos of cars, based on which you will create professional online offers.

Another two PHOTO STUDIO 360 went to Sweden

Recently, we have completed the installation of another two PHOTO STUDIOs 360 for one of the Swedish leaders in the sale of used cars.

An additional challenge for us was the current pandemic situation in the world carrying additional restrictions. We used well this time by taking a step forward - we’ve developed schemes of remote start-up and calibration for PHOTO STUDIO 360 and teaching users in the online training system.

The permanent development of sales activities by the Internet forces us to implement new and smart tools supporting the whole process of creating virtual presentations. It is necessary to show the distinction and consistency online offers due to the very large number of advertisements on the Internet. The innovative PHOTO STUDIO 360 makes it possible to realize large numbers of professional photo sessions in a 360-degree view in high quality every day.

Thanks to the mobile App (which controls and steering the entire Studio) the process of making full 360-degree sessions is very easy and takes about only 10 minutes.

We are pleased that the e-commerce solutions designed by Virtual Car 360 gain recognition in more European markets creating new global standards in automotive.

Cooperation with KIA Dealers

Almost 30 Dealers of KIA | Approved Used Cars in Poland use the innovative Beauty Pictures Application with a background replacement option (virtual photo wall).

This interesting project, carried out for over a year in cooperation with Kia Motors Polska, is a great pleasure for us and a huge experience in working on such a large scale.

What we achieved in this short time?

  • a quick and easy process of taking photos,
  • saving traders time,
  • a consistent standard of shots,
  • unitary and professional presentation of KIA | Approved Used Cars online,
  • improving the efficiency of sales departments.

Soon new functionalities for users.

Background replacement

Some car dealerships are facing the problem of lack of space for photographic sessions of cars they sell. Taking pictures with a traditional uniform background is time-consuming and involves a lot of work.

VirtualCar360 has designed an innovative solution that allows more professional sessions to be taken in less time.
Background Replacement is an innovative tool designed by Virtual Car 360. It features a system that changes background visible in the photo. Thanks to this tool, photo sessions can be arranged anywhere, and all photographs taken are consistent and fully standardized. The background is an important element of presentation - it helps establish professional image of a salon and distinguish its offers on the Internet. The solution of the background replacement significantly shortens lenght of a photosession.

A traditional method takes up to 60 minutes to take photos of one car, with the use of a uniform background for an online offer. With our Background Replacement solution, a professional completion of the entire session takes only 10 minutes. This makes the efficiency of sales department staff increase by up to 15%. This directly translates into a significant increase in car sales.

Virtual Car 360 and KIA | Approved Used Cars in Poland ...


... so a few words about the success of cooperation
Virtual Car 360 and KIA | Approved Used Cars in Poland ...

   The last months were a period of hard work, interesting experiences and intensive development of our solutions. Undoubtedly, wide cooperation with KIA Motors Polska contributed to this by implementation of Virtual Car 360 solutions for Dealers in KIA | Approved Used Cars in whole country. When we were undertaking this cooperation, we knew that we must give 120% to answer for the high requirements, standards and vision of KIA Heads and Dealers in Poland. From the first conversations in 2019, we agreed that better reach to customers by the Internet will be more and more important in the area of ​​used car sales with each subsequent year. Confirmation came faster than we expected. The sudden decrease numbers of visitors in dealerships and services has become an image of everyday life. Customers have moved to the Internet - they have more time to make decisions, look more closely at offers and analyze their credibility. They are looking for verified and reliable cars. They need honest presentation and guarantty that they are not buying pig in a poke.
        KIA | Approved Used Cars through implementation of Virtual Car 360 solutions at the beginning of 2020 prepared for the new situation by introducing two important changes: virtual photowall and new standards for the offers presentation. The photo session takes now 5-7 minutes, and the system automatically adapts taken photos to the generally set standard. This significantly reduces the work time of a salesman who can devote his strength and attention to contact with the customer and increase sales results.
To date, 18 dealers are using the option of digitizing their stocks of used cars and another 6 are before implementation. Their offers stand out with a modern visual and quality standard from hundreds of thousands of other offers presented on popular websites such as otoMoto, a common advertising platform at and local advertising websites.
Some Dealers also use social media such as Facebook to reach new customers, where they attract customers to their offer in an attractive and modern way.
Andrzej Wrona (Virtual Car 360)

Virtual Car 360 allows to build an interactive presentation based on 360-degree view displayed using the Player - this kind of presentation for the Client can be attached anywhere on the Internet in the form of an active link. This allows you to reach an even larger group of potential Customers. It is also a great tool for the Customer - giving the opportunity to see the car very close and reliably without leaving home.
Dealer who uses the full functionality of Virtual Car 360 presents the high-quality photos of exterior and interior, giving the impression of a virtual walk around and inside the the car. They take for Dealer about 5-7 minutes to make. Examples of this form of presentation can be seen below:  
Maciej Żukowski (KIA Motors Polska) 

The Virtual Car 360 solution appeared in our company perfectly on time - the time when we were looking ways to make our offer more attractive on the Internet. This solution allowed us not only to optimize the process of preparing materials for online use, but first of all it perfectly match up our offers to the European standards of our Used Cars Program. We were able to obtain a valuable tools for a modern, interactive and complete presentation of vehicles in a situation when the presentation of offers on the Internet has become the only one possible way to reach the Customer. The huge benefit is fact that the Customer can view the selected car in 360-degree view and check its technical parameters without leaving home. After click the link Customer sees an interactive Player, where he can turn around the car and check it carfully both inside and outside. Finally, this solutions has allowed us to optimize and standardize the sales process and the presentation of our offers
This is the first such large implementation of Virtual Car 360 solutions because it affects Dealers in program all over the country. Especially we are proud that we have carried out Dealers so quickly and efficiently throughout the entire implementation process and effective trainings (by contacting and teaching users how to use the applications according to program standards mainly by remote methods). This convinced us that well-built tools and processes of Virtual Car 360 are easily, quickly and at low cost to give measurable benefits both for sellers and buyers.

Virtual Car 360 Team
Virtual Car 360 Sp. z  o.o.
Powstańców Śląskich 3/25, 01-381 Warszawa, Poland

99rent, one of the biggest players on the car rental market, has just launched Salon 360


rent99-big Time is money. In theory, everyone knows this. In practice, however, not everyone is able to convert time into coins. By offering Virtual Car 360, we show we know how to do it. Our solutions have now been chosen by the company, 99 Rent. One of the biggest players on the car rental market has just launched Salon 360. It showcases the latest technology, which allows a car to be viewed through 360 degrees, including a detailed description of the technical condition, version and equipment. Achieving such an effect would not be possible without the use of our Photo Studio 360. The studio allows not only the taking of photos through 360 degrees but also to send them automatically to the manager. Next, the manager creates a 360-degree view, and builds a complete offer by downloading data on the equipment from the Eurotax database in order to then export it all to the website and any external platforms used to sell cars. Contrary to appearances, such a procedure is not difficult, time-consuming or complicated. The whole process is fully automated. Thanks to this, the system can be handled by any employee; what is more, it does it much faster than by traditional methods. Virtual Car 360 shortens the preparation of a full sales offer from 75 minutes to just 25 minutes. The effect? Many more reliable offers made in less time. And so time can be converted into money.

Session 360 of the Renault ZOE for Traficar


The right way to make better decisions is to make them more often. And Traficar is the best example of that golden rule. Its offer has been recently topped up by Renault ZOE, an 100% electric car.

This eco-friendly hero can be met and befriended before a potential user comes into a live contact with it. All of this will be possible thanks to our presentation in 360° technology. Now your chosen car can be seen and admired on the outside as well as on the inside. Because authenticity is the key to success.

Virtual Car 360 in another location - in Katowice!


The implementation included: Photo Studio 360 w nowej wersji, VC360 App, VC360 Manager + Player.

Soon, thanks to this implementation, more than 500 used cars from the Masterlease offer will be available for online viewing in a 100% transparent 360 view. has chosen Virtual Car 360 for the new car showroom in Gdansk


The implementation includes: Photo Studio 360, VC360 App, VC360 Manager, VC360 Player.

99rent has chosen Virtual Car 360 for its new car showroom


The implementation includes: Photo Studio 360, VC360 App, VC360 Manager, VC360 Player, VC360 Salon.