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One of the features of the VC360 Photo App – an app that supports the sale of used cars – is the function of creating a 360-degree view. The VC360 Player, takes customers on a virtual walk-through, allowing them to see the car from all sides, both outside and inside. At the beginning of September, the app was updated, gaining a modern menu, faster loading times and an improved hotspot function for displaying details.

360-degree technologies support sales in many industries – including real estate, e-commerce, medical or hospitality. The automotive market has also discovered the huge potential of presenting a vehicle using high-quality images and technology that allows the car to be rotated.

This engaging, interactive formula enriches the user experience, enhances the appeal of the car and builds a consistent brand image. It also makes it easier for buyers to make a decision, thereby shortening the purchase path. This is because most or even all of the process takes place online – if the dealer has its own e-commerce platform, the customer does not even need to see the car in person. Otherwise, the customer sends an enquiry to the dealer or visits the showroom to finally see if their choice was the right one and to finalise the transaction.

The VC360 Player is thus a functionality that meets the needs of a new generation of consumers. Seeing the great potential of this solution, we conducted a product satisfaction survey among current VC360 Photo App users. We asked them what they were satisfied with and what they thought needed improvement. Our aim was to use the latest technology and come up with even better solutions. Thanks to the feedback, we made some changes. As a result, everyone can now use the updated VC360 Player.

How does the VC360 Player work?

In order to create a 360-degree presentation using the VC360 Photo App, 8 photos need to be taken. Thanks to the ghost option, the grid lines, which are contours that make it easier to position the phone, and the alignment with the make and model of the car, the photos are consistent and framed in the right way.

The app then suggests taking detailed shots. With the help of the background change function, the presentation acquires a uniform, more professional, consistent look. Of course, this is not necessary – much depends on the location of the photoshoot and the effect you want to achieve.

An additional measure is a 360 photo of the vehicle’s interior. It is taken using a special camera placed between the front and rear seats. This allows the customers to feel as if they are sitting inside the vehicle. In addition, the interior hotspots draw attention to valuable equipment.

The VC360 Player is created automatically, generating an HTML link which can be added to the website. When dealing with technical limitations, it is also possible to add only the link.

Until recently, a studio session was required to achieve such results. A tool such as the VC360 Photo Studio works well for dealers with a large area and handling dozens of cars in one location. In other cases, and especially in dealer networks, a similar effect is achieved with the VC360 Photo App and its VC360 Player function.

Faster loading and enhanced hotspot functionality

In the new update, we have offered a modern, intuitive menu, making it easier for users to use 360-degree presentations. In addition, we have reduced loading times, making the presentation more smooth. The mobile version has also been improved – the toolbar is now below the photo line.

Hotspots are also a feature worth noting. These allow you to select the elements you want to highlight, adding a description and photos to them. These can be details that increase the attractiveness of the offer, for example additional interior equipment that distinguishes a particular car. Hotspots play the role of a salesperson who presents a few selected, particularly valuable elements of the vehicle for sale at a traditional meeting with a customer. In the player, the buyer has the opportunity to take a close look at the unique features of a specific vehicle, which can have a positive impact on the purchase decision. Greater buyer engagement and interest in the car means faster sales at a higher price.

Do you have any questions about the new VC360 Player? We will be happy to answer them!

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