VC360 Photo App improves buyer experience on Cichy-Zasada Group ecommerce platform

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The, which belongs to the Cichy-Zasada Group (CGZ), the biggest dealer group in Poland with 29 showrooms in 8 cities, serves the purpose of selling and buying used cars. The aim of GCZ was to create their own brand and set a new standard in sales of used cars, also remotely. The platform was established towards the end of 2021 as a response to market changes and the needs of a new generation of customers – those who live in a digital world on a daily basis, and online shopping is their daily bread.

What are the expectations of today’s buyers who are the target for GCZ’s offer? Above all, a large selection of high-quality used cars, professional presentation and intuitive navigation. The GCZ platform offers all this, with innovative VC360 tools that enhance user experience during car selection.

The use of the VC360 Photo App solution and an app supporting tool, VC360 Player, helped to bring buyers’ experience to a completely new level. The changing expectations of the new generation of customers pose a major challenge to sales platforms Digital transformation of sales processes has become a fact for many dealers.

State-of-the-art 360-degree technology vehicle photos available in just a few minutes

The VC360 Photo App enhances the work of the salesforce responsible for preparing sales offers. A photo shooting session can be made with a smartphone and the process of taking photos is optimised by guiding the seller step by step to obtaining consistent vehicle photographs within minutes. Thus, they save the time that can be devoted to contacting customers and selling cars.

With the background replacement service, the photos are consistent and uniform. Then, the VC360 Player app “creates” a virtual walk – the buyer can see the car from every side and feel as if they were sitting inside of it. The tool also allows adding the so-called hotspots: an option to mark essential parts of the car inside and outside and to post detailed photographs in the offer.


The photo app works with VC360 Offer Manager for managing sales offer publications. This allows to create standardised and organised offers, manage the photos and the virtual garage, and then publish them in sales portals or on the brand or dealer website with just a few clicks. 

Our solutions digitalise and optimise the process of preparing used car offers. As a result, both dealers and their customers benefit from the solution.

What benefits of the photo app can the Cichy-Zasada Group dealers see?

  • time effectiveness due to optimising the photographing process,
  • standardising vehicle presentation for a brand,
  • building the image of a professional company that uses advanced solutions,
  • increasing the recognition of the dealer’s brand by using a personalised background,
  • better used car presentation,
  • inciting the customers’ interest.

End-user’s benefits:

  • the possibility to see the car in detail on the dealer or brand website,
  • a virtual “walk” inside and outside of the vehicle,
  • an engaging, interactive presentation.

The implementation of the VC360 Photo App has not only impacted the image-related aspects, but most of all brought about real sales results. It is confirmed by Mieszko Hałas, Marketing and Used Car Director with the Cichy-Zasada Group, in the “Dealer” magazine:

We estimate that it can result in a few extra cars sold by every salesperson over a month. The scale of benefits for the whole Group is enormous. Second of all, a dealer receives perfect quality photos and a graphically standardised portal. On the one hand, it builds awareness of the brand, while on the other hand it enables customers to review the offer thoroughly right on the website. We are trying to help buyers to be able to make a decision about selecting a car based in 70-80% on what they are going to see and read online. A proper standard and quality that help build the customers’ trust are necessary for that.

What is important, the platform collects offers from all car showrooms of the Cichy-Zasada Group. Therefore, a buyer has access to a wider range of vehicles, and they can choose the one that draws their attention, regardless of its location.  

You can read more in the latest issue of “Dealer”

In the May issue of “Dealer”, an interview was published where Mieszko Hałas and Andrzej Wrona, president of VC360, talk about the technological support dealers can obtain and how important it is for their business development and growth.

You can find the article here: The future starts now


Are you interested in our solutions for the automotive industry? Do you want to learn how we can improve the operations of your business? Let’s get in touch! We will help you improve your sales performance.   

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