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At the beginning of March, VC360 acquired a new satisfied customer, VOLKSWAGEN FINANCIAL SERVICES, which has just opened its VWFS STORE, a used car outlet in Warsaw. It is the first and only showroom of VOLKSWAGEN FINANCIAL, a brand which is the leader of the CFM industry in Poland. 

Our customer offers a wide range of ex-lease vehicles made by Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, Porsche and Seat.

The organisation of actions necessary to open a new outlet always entails an intensified effort and the necessity to take many actions over a short period of time. It was no different in this case, which is why VWFS STORE decided to use modern tools offered by VC360. Our innovative VC360 Photo App was chosen because it makes it easier and faster to create attractive and professional online sales offers, which are the key element in the functioning of a car showroom, especially during the pandemic.

When the traditional method is used, it may take up to an hour to take photos of one car, whereas our solution reduces the time of a professional car photo shoot to just five minutes. On such a large scale (especially for a start), it enables us to improve sales activities and optimise the work of the sales department.

VWFS also uses Backoffice Manager, modern software delivered by VC360 which is used to manage completed photo shoots.

It is fully integrated with the system used by VWFS STORE, which automatically posts online presentations displayed in an interactive player with a 360 view on the website of the showroom, without the additional participation and involvement of its employees.

We are happy that VWFS decided to use a full range of solutions offered by EXACTO. VC360 solutions delivered by us will improve the functioning of the VWFS STORE. A modern showroom, a wide range of products and tested and well-maintained vehicles are not always enough to attract customers. It is also necessary to make sure that the online offer is attractive and effective. Perfect photos and modern interactive presentation methods not only attract attention, but also build the image of a company and demonstrate its professionalism and competence.

Andrzej Wrona,
CEO of EXACTO Holding Sp. z o.o. and CEO of VirtualCar360 Sp. z o.o.:

This project was a very interesting experience for us and we had a chance to work with a committed team of professionals.

We would also like to thank Volkswagen Financial Services.

Zespół Marketingu

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