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Zespół Marketingu
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Almost 30 Dealers of KIA | Approved Used Cars in Poland use the innovative Beauty Pictures Application with a background replacement option (virtual photo wall).

This interesting project, carried out for over a year in cooperation with Kia Motors Polska, is a great pleasure for us and a huge experience in working on such a large scale.

What we achieved in this short time?

  • a quick and easy process of taking photos,
  • saving traders time,
  • a consistent standard of shots,
  • unitary and professional presentation of KIA | Approved Used Cars online,
  • improving the efficiency of sales departments.

The VC360 solution made an appearance in our company right on time - just when we were looking for ways to make our offer more attractive on the Internet. This solution has allowed us to not only optimize the preparation of online materials, but most of all, it fit in perfectly with the European standards of our Used Vehicles Program. We managed to obtain a valuable tool for modern, interactive and complete presentation of vehicles in a situation when the presentation of offers online has become the only viable way to reach the Customer. A massive asset is that the Customer can see the chosen car in a 360-degree view and learn about the technical parameters without leaving home. After clicking the link, he sees an interactive player, with which he can rotate the vehicle, and get a precise look both inside and outside. Finally, the solution has allowed us to optimize and standardize sales as well as the presentation of our offers.

Maciej Żukowski,
Fleet Department, Remarketing, KIA Polska Sp. z o.o.
Zespół Marketingu

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