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The VC360 platform development project within the S5 Accelerator supporting startups using 5G technology has entered the final phase of implementation. We are implementing and testing newly created components. The aim of the project is, among others, to expand the platform with the possibility of presenting the vehicle in real time in the form of video streaming.

What will you learn from the following article?

  • What opportunities does the 5G network generate for business and industry?
  • How the development of systems using 5G technology will affect the growth of companies selling complex products e.g. trailers, trucks or used vehicles?

5G network opportunities for business and industry

The development of 5G networks is not only about increased data transmission speeds between mobile phone users. 5G technology also has a strategic impact on D2D (device-to-device communication), which is the foundation of the third industrial revolution. In addition, Fixed Wireless Access enables fixed wireless access with transmission quality comparable to high-speed cable connections.

Three main categories of 5G network applications:

  1. D2D communication.
    The ability for mass communication between devices. This is the basis of the Internet of Things (IoT), where many devices connect to each other without human intervention on an unprecedented scale. All of this has a major impact on revolutionising modern processes in business and industry.
  2. Critical tasks.
    5G technology, thanks to its reliability and virtually imperceptible delays of 1 millisecond (the 4G network offers a minimum delay of 40 ms), is applicable to critical tasks such as real-time control of equipment, industrial robotics or communication between security systems. Stability and lack of latency also make it possible to think of new perspectives, such as carrying out remote operations.
  3. Modern wireless broadband transmission.
    The transmission speed of 5G networks is 20 Gbit/s (4G technology - 1 Gbit/s), in addition, higher capacity allows to use the technology in a completely different way. The use of 5G technology will allow, among other things, the use of stable television transmissions in the field without the need for transmission vehicles.

How we use 5G technology within our platform?

5G technology is primarily applicable to the realisation of a module for real-time video presentations. We expect that thanks to the many times greater efficiency of data transmission in relation to the current possibilities of telecommunication networks, we will be able to ensure:

  • unprecedented image quality,
  • no delays or interruptions in data transmission,
  • almost immediate availability of stored material

All the above parameters are intended to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction and acceptance of the online sales channel as an equivalent alternative to the currently standard sales model, in which the presentation is made at a showroom or another point. For this to happen, the customer must be convinced that by viewing the vehicle online, presented by a salesperson using a camera, he receives the same complete and precise set of information as in the case of a personal visit. 5G technology is primarily intended to provide stable and high quality video and voice transmission conditions, making it possible, for example, to present details.

How we solve the problem of selling complex, sophisticated products?

Solving problems and supporting our customers is our passion. We believe that the sale of machines, vehicles or other complex products will fully move to the Internet. By creating innovative solutions, we want to deliver greater business value to our customers.

We specialise in supporting the sale of used vehicles, including cars. Used vehicles are a very special product, each item on sale has different quality and technical parameters, e.g. damage or state of wear and tear. There is therefore a huge barrier for both the seller and the buyer to complete this process online. We make it possible for our customers to develop this channel today.

Since we can handle the transfer of such a complex sales process to the Internet, we can also successfully support companies outside the used vehicle industry in the development of online sales channels.

I strongly believe in the development of solutions supporting the so-called Live commerce. Our solution, which we created as part of the accelerator, fits perfectly into this trend.

Development of the VC360 platform with advanced tools to develop online vehicle sales through the use of live commerce brings our Polish solutions to the forefront of technology in the industry. Soon we will reveal more details and show live operation of our latest applications.

Selected companies will have the opportunity to pre-test our solutions at the 5G Summit.

Andrzej Wrona,
CEO VirtualCar360 Sp. z o.o.

5G Summit is a conference gathering leading representatives of the 5G technology sector in Poland.

On 24 November we will meet at the Cambridge Innovation Center Warsaw
On 25 November we will present our solutions in Łódź, within the Łódź Special Economic Zone

Read more about 5G Summit

Andrzej Wrona

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